Friday Eve Conversations

Friday Eve Conversations

Over the years, I have received many comments from clients wishing to maintain the therapeutic relationship that we had established even though they no longer needed the support of a psychologist. From their wishes along with conversations I had with other wise Souls, the idea of hosting a weekly conversation was born!

The purpose of Friday Eve Conversations is to discuss mental health related topics that people want to talk about (e.g., what is self‑love, how to decrease procrastination, how to better connect with children, …).

This is not a therapy group. It is a gathering where people exchange ideas, learn new strategies and possibly gain some new insights. There is also the possibility of connecting with new people, laughing and enjoying the moment.

You can attend as few or as many Friday Eve Conversations as you would like (pre‑registration required due to limited space).

So, are you in?

When? Any and every Friday evening (except for December 25th, 2020 and January 1st, 2021)

Time? Between 6:30 and 8:30 pm (the door opens at 6 pm)

Where? Soul Expression, 19 Elma Street W, Okotoks

Who can attend? Adults, 18 years and older

Do I have to be a former client? No, anyone is welcome. In fact, bring a friend!

Cost? By donation (suggested minimum of $20)

What to bring? When you come in, you will be asked to remove your shoes and wash your hands. Feel free to bring slippers or indoor shoes to wear for the duration of the conversation. You might also want to bring a water bottle and a notebook and a pen to take notes.

What can I expect? The conversation will start promptly at 6:30 pm. We will introduce ourselves, discuss some group guidelines (e.g., confidentiality), share which topics we would like to talk about and then proceed to engage on those topics. We will start closing the conversation at 8:15 pm.

How do I pre‑register? Due to limited seating, please pre‑register via email by clicking on the Register Now button.

Please note that should there be interest, a similar group can be created for youth.

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