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Akashic Records        

"The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness … an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said and done over the course of its existence…"

Howe, L. 2010 How to read the Akashic Records, p. 3

The Akashic Records are a continuously evolving dimension of consciousness where judgment is not experienced. Rather, they provide help with healing, personal growth and development, goal implementation, business management and parenting, among others.

During an Akashic Record session, we talk about what is happening in your life for which you would like support with, questions you might have in regards to gaining a greater understanding of a situation, if the challenge for which you are seeking support is connected to a previous lifetime and strategies that might help you stay in alignment with your purpose.

The loving vibrational frequency of the Records forms the foundation of every session. As such, the Records only provide information that the person is ready to hear and to learn about themselves.

Because every soul is born with free will, the Records only provide answers to questions asked. The best questions to ask are open-ended questions (e.g., what can I understand about this situation), situation specific and situated within the present and the past. The Records do not provide predictive information (e.g., what are the winning numbers of my favorite lottery).

Any consenting adult can access their Records using their legal name (i.e., the name you use on your income tax form). Since choosing to request an Akashic reading is a personal decision, children must wait to be of legal age to request a reading for themselves. However, parents can request to open their own Records and ask questions about their children.

The Records of living pets, houses and other items are also accessible. If that is of interest to you, please ask Suzie for further information about the specific rules and guidelines for opening them.

Akashic Records reading sessions are 60 minutes long, cost $150/session and are available during weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Sessions are available in-person or via Zoom.

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